A F T E R - S C H O O L

Youn Wha United Martial Arts has the opportunity to teach many of our youth students through the use of after-school programs. These programs provide martial arts training to students directly after school & directly on campus. Youn Wha United is proud to teach after-school programs at: Annunciation Catholic School (Cave Creek), Imagine East Mesa, Imagine Rosefield (Surprise), ASU Prep Poly STEM Campus (Mesa) and Northwest Christian School. If interested in opening an after-school program at your school, please contact us



Youn Wha United Martial Arts is proud to be involved with many homeschooling students and parents. Martial arts is not only a great skill to learn for self-defense & discipline but it can also provide a great physical outlet & socialization tool for homeschooling families. While we do have a Monday 1:00PM homeschool-specific class at our Arrowhead location, we are also excited to be partnered with Branches Homeschool Community (Biltmore, Chandler & West Valley). If interested in starting a Youn Wha United homeschool martial arts class in your part of the valley, please contact us.


C H O S E N   W A R R I O R S

Youn Wha United Martial Arts offers martial arts classes throughout the Valley to children in the foster care system free of charge through our Chosen Warriors Program. Our belief is that martial arts can provide a child some stability in an unstable situation. It means a lot to a child to be able to come to a familiar place and train with students & instructors they know. Martial arts can also provide a skill/trade learned that they can use for the rest of their life in the real world. Please contact us for more information about our Chosen Warriors.


W A R R I O R S   U N L I M I T E D

Youn Wha United Martial Arts believes all people are capable of being able to participate in the martial arts at some capacity. Our Warriors Unlimited Program focuses on teaching students with various special needs. Many of these students are able to train in a standard class. However, Youn Wha United Martial Arts also offers special need specific classes through our Warriors Unlimited Program including classes at Ability 360 in downtown Phoenix. For more information about our Warriors Unlimited Program please contact us